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South African orders (Flat rate of R110)

All orders are usually shipped within 48 hours from receipt of payment. Orders placed over weekends or public holidays will be processed on the next working day.
You will receive an e-mail confirming shipment including tracking information.
You will be able to track your parcel online.

A flat rate of R110 will be charged per parcel (not per item)

  • Courier:   1 - 3 days

  • Courier options: Please keep in mind somebody must be at the address to sign for the package during the day. No township deliveries.

International orders:

  • Orders are sent via registered mail at $50 per parcel.
  • Orders are processed daily and your  credit card will be billed in your local currency. 
  • Your credit card will be billed as "DentalJewels or Dentiworks"
  • Our billing department will e-mail you when your order has been processed and the status of your order, so please ensure that you supply us your correct e-mail address when ordering. (We do not sell or offer your e-mail address to another person or company.)
  • Delivery time is about 5 - 12 days to North America, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East.


We accept cash deposits at any FNB.

You can also pay online with your credit card or do an Instant EFT.


Please use your "Order ID" as a deposit reference so we can quickly locate your payment.

Once the payment is reflecting on our bank statement the order will be processed.

How do I fit my Instant Party Grillz?

Before you start you will need: A kettle to boil water with, a water glass, a tweezer or fork to lower the grill into the water and a piece of cotton wool rolled into a sausage.
Remove the silicon bar and try in the grillz. Adjust the fit by bending the curve more open or closed.
Still with the silicon bar removed adjust the prongs at the back to a snug fit.
Place the silicon bar back into the grill. Do not let the two separate when you place them in the water.
Pick up the silicon bar and the grillz together.
Submerge the grillz and the silicon bar into just boiled water for approximately 15 seconds until the silicon bar is as clear as glass. Do not microwave or boil on the stove.
Place the grillz onto your teeth by pushing the grillz towards your teeth with your hands. At the same time push the back prongs with your thumbs. Now, without letting the grillz move you can put the cotton roll in between your top and bottom teeth and close your teeth on it with steady pressure. Do not let the grillz move at all. Hold this position for at least two minutes.
DISCLAIMER: Grillz are not intended for eating, drinking, sleeping or the replacement of natural teeth and/or broken filling or dental appliances. These products are sold AS IS without warranties of any kind. DentalJewels will not be held liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of these grillz, including but not limited to incidental, punitive or accidental damages.

Can I remove the grillz and put them back in again?

Yes, absolutely. Once they are fitted you can take them out and put them back is again as needed.